C’est ça, le vrai problème (et comment y remédier)

THIS is the core problem (and how to fix it)

This is a podcast like no other. I'm not just talking about why the fashion industry is in a real crisis. I mix it with a twist of compassionate, mindful spirituality. In this episode, I unpick the core problem in the fashion industry: overconsumption. 

Canadian sustainable fashion for women

My first podcast episode is here! I'm excited but mostly terrified of sharing this with you.

You see...

It's a podcast like no other.

I'm not just talking about why the fashion industry is in a real crisis.

I mix it with a twist of compassionate, mindful spirituality.

To help YOU make more conscious choices.

Choices that are good for the planet and for the rest of humanity, yes.

But also, choices that are good for you.

For the love you show yourself.

For your self-esteem.

For the compassionate eyes you lay on yourself.

So today, let's unpick the core problem in the fashion industry. The root of it all. The very thing that causes a ripple effect on everything else: overconsumption.

Our overconsumption behaviours, as human beings and as a society, is probably one of the most impactful aspects of the fashion industry.

Even if we choose to buy only eco-friendly, ethical, locally-made, high-quality clothing, we're still stuck at square one if we buy too much of them. Right?

I'm giving you 3 tangible tips to fix this. I think you'll be surprised and amazed of what I'm suggesting. I hope you'll like my mindful, compassionate approach !

I urge you to lay more compassionate eyes on yourself, on your body image and body confidence. I also suggest you assess your wardrobe to see what's in there and understand your spending and purchasing behaviours. Finally, I recommend implementing practical tools that will help us reduce our overall fashion consumption.

Take me with you in the car or for your morning jog !

On your bus ride or while doing the dishes.

I'll accompany you on the plane to Cancun, or simply when you walk your dog.

I hope you enjoy ! I can't wait to hear what you think !  


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