Sewing Course: Mending by hand
Sewing Course: Mending by hand

Sewing Course: Mending by hand

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Our video course for beginners will show your the basics of mending your clothes by hand.

Gaia & Dubos reveals techniques employed by professionals while giving clear and simple instructions.

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Plus d'info pour les curieuses

1) How to (properly) sew a two or four-hole button
2) How to (properly) sew a shank button
3) How to Sew a Hook and Eye Clasp
4) How to Cover a Hole with a Thermobonding Patch
5) How to Fix a Tear
6) How to Fix a Hole
7) How to Fix a Cut Seam
8) How to stitch a blind hem

- Hand stitching needles
- Sharpened fabric scissors
- Threads of the colour of the garments and accessories you wish to repair (recommended: standard tex-27 polyester thread)
- Pins
- Wax or soap chalk
- Measuring tape
- Seam ripper
- Iron and ironing board
- The buttons and hooks & clasps you wish to sew back
- Thermobonding patch

No sewing machine required!


Learning to mend our own clothes is one of the best ways to minimize our environmental and social footprint.

Happy learning!