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How to (Properly) Sew a Two or Four-Hole Button

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How to (Properly) Sew a Two or Four-Hole Button

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Are you tired of loose buttons that keep falling? Learn how to sew a two or four-hole button that will stay in place!

Even if you think you already know how to do it, it is highly probable that you will find out new subtleties in this technique. You could be surprised!

"I thought I knew how to sew a button... When I watched the first video, I understood... what I didn’t know! What a good technique! My buttons will never fall again only a few weeks after being sewn back on.- Josée Leclerc, Montréal

Watch the video for free here!

Warning! Do not use this technique with a shank button. The button must have a holes in order for the technique to work. 

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Required material :

  • Thread of the colour of the garment you wish to repair (recommended: standard tex-27 polyester thread)
  • Hand sewing needle 
  • Sharpened fabric scissors 
  • The button(s) you wish to sew back 
  • No sewing machine required
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