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12 eco-friendly gift ideas (for every budget!)

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Sustainable gift ideas handmade in Canada

A few years ago with my family, we decided to only exchange gifts that are sustainable. 🎄

Whether eco-friendly or made locally.

Fair trade or handmade.

Ethical or incredibly practical...

In short, we do not spend any more cash on stuff that’ll end up in the trash. 😅

But all rhyming aside, I wanted to present you 12 gift ideas that are eco-friendly, ethical and handcrafted locally (and that will fit all kinds of budgets!).

1. Scrunchies made with our off cuts ($16-18)

For the wild hair of any ladies out there.

Sustainable fashion handmade in Canada

2. Organic Silk Eye Mask ($38-52)

In solo or trio, for every cocooning lover!

Sustainable fashion handmade in Canada

(👇 The recycled plastic bottle pyjama line that got every major media's attention last summer! ✨)

3. The Pyjama Shorts ($64)

For incredible femininity and comfort
Recycled plastic bottle fabric

4. The Pyjama Pants ($92)

The definition of softness and elegance!

Recycled plastic bottle fabric

5. The Kimono Robe ($158)

For a relaxing yet elegant day at home!

Recycled plastic bottle pyjamas

6. My book Pour une garde-robe responsable ($29.95)

To know everything about sustainable fashion!

Livre sur la mode éthique et écologique

7. The Organic Silk Scarf ($228)

For the most elegant ladies out there.

Organic silk scarf handmade in Canada

8. Recycled Plastic Bottle Pouches ($22-32)

The small one or the large one, to store any treasures!

Recycled plastic bottle clothes

9. The Organic Silk Handkerchief ($58)

Because we must not forget the gentlemen…

Organic silk handkerchief

10. Our Virtual Sewing Classes ($19-39)

To repair their clothes (by hand and/or with a machine!)

Video sewing course

11. Organic cotton tote bag ($48)

To carry all kinds of stuff.

Organic cotton tote bag handmade in Canada

12. Too hard to decide?

Go with a Gift Card! ($25+)

Sustainable fashion handmade in Canada

And you, will you choose sustainable gifts this Christmas?

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