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About Gaia & Dubos

Our products

Gaia & Dubos wants to change the face of the fashion industry by offering products resulting from sustainable development. We also want to give the power back to consumers by giving them an education on ecological and ethical fashion.

Vêtements écologiques et éthiques haut de gamme pour femmes - mode durable
Cours de couture virtuels pour débutants - apprendre à réparer ses vêtements
Vêtements écologiques et éthiques haut de gamme pour femmes - mode durable

High-end products

Quality lies at the heart of all our creations, which gives them durability, performance and prestige.
Vêtements écologiques et éthiques haut de gamme pour femmes - mode durable

Ecological and ethical products

All our products are designed to create a positive impact on the planet and humanity. 
Vêtements écologiques et éthiques haut de gamme pour femmes - mode durable

Local design and production

Gaia & Dubos garments are designed and produced in Quebec by a qualified team of local artisans.

A Name that Conveys Meaning

Goddess Gaia

In Greek mythology, Gaia is the goddess of the Earth. For us, she symbolizes respect and equity towards environment and humanity, two of the core values of Gaia & Dubos.

René Dubos

René Dubos was a 20th-century French environmentalist. He considered humans as stewards of the environment, living in symbiosis with it. Dubos was also credited for the slogan "Think globally, act locally", which perfectly characterizes the business philosophy of Gaia & Dubos.

Our Values

Nos valeurs - environnement et éthique - respect équité qualité


All our processes meet high environmental standards, from the purchase of raw materials to the marketing of our products. All materials used in the collections of Gaia & Dubos meet strict environmental standards, as part of the organic agriculture, ecological production or recycling industry.

Since an ecological garment is also a garment that has a long life expectancy, we offer classic products of high quality. We also encourage you to give a second life to your clothes by mending them when damaged. 

Environnement et éthique


At Gaia & Dubos, we strive to ensure that each step of the production line takes place in ethical conditions. By selecting suppliers who offer ethical working conditions and opting for local and ethical production, we do everything that is in our power to offer humane working conditions to each person involved in the creation of our products.

Gaia & Dubos gives 10% of its total annual profits to charities dedicated to the protection of environment and humanity.

Respect, équité et qualité - mode durable


All our actions respect the planet and human beings.

Respect, équité et qualité - mode durable


Gaia & Dubos has a mandate to use resources fairly, treat every person as an equal and transparently inform consumers.

Respect, équité et qualité - mode durable


Quality lies at the heart of all our processes in order to offer you sustainable, performing and prestigious products and services.

Our History

Gaia & Dubos is a Quebec-based company born in 2015. Léonie Daignault-Leclerc, designer and founder of Gaia & Dubos, began her fashion designer career at the age of 12, designing made-to-measure garments for herself and her customers. Her love and devotion for the planet and humanity led her to found the brand.

Léonie Daignault-Leclerc has a College Diploma in Fashion Design, a Bachelor in Fashion Merchandising and a Master of Arts in Fashion, where she specialized in sustainable fashion. Internships in Paris, Madrid and Toronto helped her forge her identity as an entrepreneur and designer, and shape her approach towards the fashion industry.

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